Geographic Focus

The Foundation makes grants which are focused upon the City and surrounding area of San Luis Obispo, California.  Nonprofits in other geographic areas will be considered, if their work supports residents of this area.

Program Focus Areas

As stated above, the Miossi Charitable Trust focuses its funding primarily on six key areas in support of San Luis Obispo residents—animal-related programs, education, the environment, the Catholic Church, fine arts and youth development. 


We fund animal-related programs that focus primarily on the protection of animals and animal rights. Mr. Miossi loved dogs, so the Miossi Charitable Trust has a particular interest in programs that promote the protection of and rights of dogs.


We fund education programming for all ages, with a particular focus on programs that promote college readiness and access for residents of San Luis Obispo.  In addition, we support agricultural and environmental education of the surrounding area.


We are committed to funding programs that work to protect the environment.  Particularly, we are interested in programs that focus on environmental science, green technology, promoting open spaces, sustainable agriculture, and land preservation.

Catholic Church

We support programs and improvements for staff and parishioners of Mission San Luis Obispo and other historic missions within San Luis Obispo County.  We will also consider requests to fund capital improvements.

Fine Arts

We fund public art projects for the enjoyment of the community of San Luis Obispo and special projects by non-profit art organizations.

Youth Development

We fund programs that focus on youth development, with a particular interest in programs that provide youth with opportunities that they would not otherwise have access to and programs that provide youth with exposure to different ideas and opinions.  Requests for children's camps will not be considered, unless the organization has been specifically invited to submit a request by the Trustee.

Type of Support

Grants are made to support program/project expenses.  Also, grant requests for one-time capital improvements will be considered.  Please note that general operating support will generally not be considered.  Additionally, we do not provide support for individuals or endowment campaigns.  Most grants will be awarded for one-year in duration.


• Requests are considered only from California-based charitable organizations for purposes to be carried out within  the City of San Luis Obispo and surrounding area.

• Only one request will be accepted from an organization during a twelve-month period.

Indirect Cost

  • The Harold J. Miossi Trust does not allow any portion of it's grant fund to be used for indirect costs.

Proposal Deadlines

Proposals are due on May 30.  Grant decisions will be made and communicated by the end of July.


Grants awarded by the Harold J. Miossi Charitable Trust are made only by an Award Letter signed by the Trustee expressly stating that an award has been made, the date, amount of same and all conditions thereof.  All other communications, whether oral or in writing, by and between applicant and/or Trustee, or those acting on behalf of either, shall not, individually or collectively, constitute such an award and neither applicant nor anyone acting on its behalf shall rely thereon.